The Wanderer (Working Title)

The Wanderer (Working Title)


Lani, a galactic cartographer, explorer, and all around adventure-addict, has spent over 2,000,000 years traveling to unimagined reaches of the universe. Her prime objective: to discover alien cultures, create maps and indexes, and along the way, find meaning in a seemingly endless existence. As far as she knows, she is the only one left of her kind; a magic-wielding descendant of the human race.
Earth is long gone, and the remainder of the human race are bred and survive on constructed micro-planets controlled by the Council. The Council is made up of the Elder, a group of long-lived, rich and powerful humans who each have their own agendas.
Lani, despite being more of a rogue agent, feels a moral obligation to protect the remaining humans, and somehow free them of their false existence.  It is forbidden to interfere with the Council’s experiments, and especially to inform the humans of it. Does she go against millions of years of protocol to save innocent people caught in the Elder’s power struggles?
The story will follow Lani and her partner, Amara, a shapeshifting three-tailed wolf, as they discover the dark secrets of the Council, and perhaps even themselves.

Project Status:

As of April 2019, the book is about 20% written. There are several illustrations already completed.
The ultimate goal is for this to either be a graphic novel or a heavily illustrated novel.
The book has been in progress since 2015, with original concepts and planning going back to 2005.


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