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List of Projects:
KalinaThe Forest YearThe Wanderer (Working Title)

A little about me:
My name is Sarah and I currently live in Scotland. I've been a full-time artist since 2015, mainly painting landscapes with a little fantasy sprinkled in.
I have a deep love and appreciation for nature, so many of my stories involve themes of nature, Gaia, druidry, plant magic, and more.
Since I am currently working on several overlapping projects, as well as painting full-time, I am not able to update this as often as I'd like, usually only a couple hours per week.
I will try to do updates here once a month!

Book #2: Kalina's Guide to Elemental Magic (Working Title)

Click here to learn more about Kalina, a story about a witch in Scotland.

Book #1: The Wanderer (Working Title)

Click here to learn more about The Wanderer project (this is a currently working title and may change in the future).