Kalina's Guide to Elemental Magic (Working Title)

Kalina's Guide to Elemental Magic


Kalina's Guide to Elemental Magic is both whimsical and deeply inquisitive. Exploring themes of druid history, magic, self discovery, empathy, fellowship, and death, this story takes us around the world through the eyes of modern day witches whose responsibility is to protect Gaia. Kalina, the protagonist, is a loner who prefers the company of trees over humans, and has felt stuck in her mundane life for far too long. She has no idea that a spontaneous trip to Scotland will turn her world upside down.
In the modern age of machines and capitalism, the delicate balance between man and nature is tipping. But Gaia, the Earth Diety, is not without help. Elemental magic is gifted to a small fraction of our race, veiled behind the moment of elemental death (drowning, death by fire, etc.). In the eternity of that last breath, a choice is made. Gaia carefully assesses each dying person’s integrity and their. Those who she deems trustworthy are given a choice to live again, as a champion in her sentinel, to possess a power they can use to defend against malevolence. As rumors grow of a powerful Necromancer, the stakes are higher than ever.

Project Status:
As of April 2019, the book is about 45% written. There are several illustrations completed as well.
The ultimate goal is for this story to be a heavily illustrated novel or graphic novel.
The book has been in progress since 2017.
Kalina's Guide to Elemental Magic is the working title and may change.


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